Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bobby Bose Film Editor producing a Film under the banner of Bose Entertainments

Bobby Bose Film editor  the owner of NEIINDIA Film and TV editing institute is planning to produce a Film under the banner of Bose Entertainments it. Bobby Bose Film editor is already working on the script. Shafi Wassan has been given the responsibility to write the script and they all are flying to east to some quiet place where they could indulge in script writing.
http://bobbybosefilmeditor.com/bobby-bose-film-editor-os ...

This film would be directed by an experienced Film Editor who has edited many important films. The genre is satire. The film shooting should resume after August 2012 and should be released by end of this year.

Bobby Bose Film editor has planned to give opportunity to NEIINDIA institute students to take part in film making process. He is in the process of selecting few students to work on sets and also in editing.

Bobby Bose Film Editor himself an experienced Film editor will probably get into direction after producing few films. He first wants to give opportunity to his seniors.
Bobby Bose Film editor  owns a Music recording studio "Narayani Sounds" he is planning to record all his songs in this studio and also do the complete post production work.

NEIINDIA is also planning to launch a new Branch in Ahmedabad by June. NEIINDIA is going big with its plan to expand itself across India thus giving opportunity to students from different part of the country.

NEIINDIA also has a plan to introduce more scholarship seats in each branch to support the poor students. They are giving up to 70% to 80% scholarship to financially problem students.

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