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Rule Of Editing Is Emotion Bobby Bose File Editor Loves This Article

Bobby Bose Film editor has planned to give opportunity to NEIINDIA institute students to take part in film making process. He is in the process of selecting few students to work on sets and also in editing.
Have you even gotten a good story and had no video to support it? That is a rhetorical question by the way. That happens every day to every editor at some point. This story had very little video. But that didnt matter. This story had something much more important. It had emotion. Anytime I get a chance to edit a story that has emotion Im all over it. What do I do to help the story? What emotion can I cut into to? How will my edit decisions impact the story? Are there edits Im not going to make that are important?
It is my job as an editor is to make you laugh or to make you cry. Sometimes the material we are given makes that a little easier than other times. This story is about a women that could of been a victim of a serial rape suspect. In the interview she was very emotional. My job as an editor is make sure her emotional state comes through in the story. My job is to also stay out of the way. What do I mean by that? Sometimes an editor needs to not make an edit. Those non-edits may be the most important edits you ever make.
Karen didnt want her house identifiable in the story. I used this tight shot that could be from any house in many neighborhoods. Notice I put a slow zoom on each of these shots. I hate static shots. ? I hate static shots I am a fan of movement. This is a visual medium of motion. I like to have as much motion in every story as possible. At [:45] her soundbite is It was the first thing that popped into my mind, that it was him. There is a full second (30 frames) of silence before the narration starts. Im giving the viewer that extra time to feel and see her. Film editor Bobby Bose the owner of NEIINDIA Film and TV editing institute is planning to produce a Film under the banner of Bose Entertainment
Sometimes nothing is more powerful than something. At [2:16] is the final section of narration in this story. 9 seconds go by and then she sniffles. The story ends. This is a powerful moment with no narration and no sound from her. She is simply emotional on camera. You can feel how fortunate she feels not to be a victim. You can feel how terrified she still is. Simply amazing what 9 seconds of silence does for a story. About the Dissolves I dissolve mostly by feel. Feel is impossible to teach. Let me try and rationalize these dissolves with some logic. In this story most of the dissolves represent a transition in space. Dissolving from inside the house to outside. Dissolving from a sketch to Karen. The 3 shots of the exterior starting at [:22] are cut together because they are all outside shots. As for the dissolves from Karen wide to Karen medium or Karen tight, I simply dont like cutaways in this type of story. Karen is the story. Her emotion is the story. Cutaways of her hands, of a lamp, or anything else wont add to the story.
Whats the turnaround time? This is one of the most dangerous questions in the editing community. Clients and Producers are now requesting location editing more than ever and its not just the news that is under strict deadlines. Now corporate clients request location editing with their video crews so they can upload a final edited piece in a couple of hours. Whether its editing a package from an event or just trimming up a news conference, nothing is easy when you are editing onsite. Location editing packages should come with the following programs: Editing Software: There are three major options: Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Adobe Premiere Pro. There are many other options out there, but these are the three major programs I will be discussing. Audio Suite: This will help edit, mix, and add effects to audio. The editing program will have audio suite built into it, but it is usually limited in what you can do with it. Compression Software: Raw high definition video files are large in size. To get that final edited and uploaded to the website you need a compressed file. Popular compressions are H.264, .FLV, .mp4.

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