Saturday, 30 January 2016

Editing as career

What is Editing?

Editing is the process of selecting and joining together shots, connecting sequences and creating a finished motion picture. In film making, it is the final and the most vital art of story telling.

Editing is the only art that is unique to cinema, separating film making from other art forms that preceded it (such as photography, theater, dance, writing, directing etc).

Editing as career

As a career Editing is one of the finest profession in India. The growth of Film and Tv Industry is always on Up-slide.
20 yrs back we had just one channel DoorDarshan now there are almost 400 plus channels. As a result the work for Editors has Increased by many Folds. In TV Industry Editors are the Main professionals as they take the final call for most of the aspects of the the given serial such as length, pace and various other important dimensions.
In films too a Director highly depends on the Film Editor for the quality of the film. Editor Constructs and Paces the Film. Any good film is as good as it is Edited.
Editors are in great demand with the advent of streaming videos and movie clips in websites. As this field is becoming highly competitive.

RESPECT and EARNINGS in both the areas, EDITOR is one of the TOP Professionals in India. As respect he is entitled to top awards such as NATIONAL AWARD given by president of India. In earnings he can earn astronomical amounts editing Films and TV SERIALS.

Editors automatically become Directors after certain amount of experience.
Raj kapoor, Manoj Kumar, Hrishikesh mukherjee, Subhash Ghai, Rajkumar Hirani, David Dhawan they were all Editors.
There are more than 50 Hindi and Regional channels and as many as news channels and also the number of channels getting launched every year. Editing is one of the most lucrative careers in terms of stability and earnings. The seasoned TV Editors are doing 3 to 4 Projects at a time and earning almost 2 lacs rupees a month. After the training you will begun as fresher but with experience it won’t take much time for you to reach heights. Even new comers make a very good money in this profession upto 35000/- per month.

Introduction to FCP
Final Cut Pro (FCP) is a professional non- linear editing software application by Apple Inc. The software logs and captures video onto a hard drive (internal or external), where it can be edited and processed. The current version of Final Cut Pro, vision 7 runs only on Intel processors. It is compatible with many hardware interfaces. Like in India, the world over, FCP is the most popular platform for Film Editing and its use and acceptability is growing every passing day. In 2007, Final Cut made up 49% of the US professional editing market, with Avid at 22%.

Why FCP?
Almost all Production Houses in India use FCP for their editing needs. An editor trained on FCP has ample job opportunities in the throbbing Indian entertainment industry.

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